MEBANT is a foam converting company, producing industrial foam insulation products since 1985.

Our main focus is production of heat, sound, water, vibration and dust insulation products for many industries like Automotive, White goods, Construction, Electronics, Marine, HVAC and packaging.

Mebant has direct relations with main OEM’s in turkey since 1996 and serves Automotive and White goods manufacturers as both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supplier. Besides the domestic market, we export our products to major Automotive companies in Europe, North America, North Africa and even Far East countries like Korea and China.

With long term focus and dedication to our core business, Mebant has become the market leader in Turkey for industrial foam converting in the past years.We work hard to create sustainable, long term relations with our customers, based on high level technical expertise, proactive service, mutual trust and business ethics.