MEBANT, produces many different types of die cut foam pads and foam gaskets for heat, vibration, dust, sound insulation and sealing.

These die cut products are processed in self adhesive or non adhesive types by flatbed die cutting, kiss cutting, rotary cutting and CNC cutting machines.

Starting from the very small die cut pads and reaching the biggest size NVH parts, we are able to meet all your demands, thanks to our wide variety of cutting machines, capable of processing any size of die cut parts.

Major product types in this category are :
  • Automotive : HVAC gaskets, rear lamp gaskets, cable harness wrapping foams, trim panel foam pads and gaskets, NVH foams and pads, vibraiton pads, headliner pads, various cushioning parts, door hinge, check arm seals, etc.
  • White Goods : Sound insulation foam gaskets and pads for dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerator compressors, air filter media for vacuum cleaners, special die cut foam gaskets and pads for refrigerators to prevent PU leakage, and die cut aluminum tapes for various applications.
  • Electronics : Cable mounting adhesive tapes, speaker gaskets, protect shields, spacer pads, insulating pads, double sided foam tapes for various fixations, foam tapes and gaskets for Plasma, LCD, LED TVs, DVDs, DVBs.
  • HVAC and Other applications : Die cut parts and adhesive pads for inductrial HVAC units, A/C compressor insulators, sealing gaskets, etc.