Watershields are generally produced in different types according to the design requirements of the OEM’s.

The 3 main types of watershields are :
  • Watershields made by thin plastic films, having partial or fully covered adhesive sections.
  • 2D Watershields made by die-cutting of polyolefin foams.
  • 3D Watershields made by Thermoforming of polyolefin foams according to specific Design details.

In recent years, MEBANT has invested in two fully automated watershield production lines for the production of all types of watershields, especially the thermoformed types with butyl or hot melt adhesive.

The automatic thermoforming lines are accompanied by 3 hot melt and one butyl adhesive application lines, consisting of hotmelt systems and robotic adhesive application units.

By combining the outstanding performance of polyolefin foams with such automated production lines, MEBANT has become the leader manufacturer of watershields in Turkey and one of the potential suppliers of watershields for European automotive manufacturers.