As an important part of the NVH product range, Mebant is able to offer several types of felt and non-woven products, which are processed in different ways to meet the requirements of different automotive applications.

The typical material range includes :
  • Cotton felts with PP resin,
  • Cotton felts with phenolic resin,
  • Polyester felts,
  • PP, lightweight felts,
  • Lightweight felts – SMS FELTS ( Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond layers)

By using the above listed material types, Mebant produces dahsboard felts, door trim felts, under hood felts, rear compartmet and under carpet felts and side trim felts for automotive industry.

Felt materials are also used in White goods industry for sound insulation, mainly for dishwashers, washing machines, drying machines, and air conditioner compressors.

All the felt products can be supplied in a different range of customer specified densities, with or without adhesive layers and other laminated layers like mineral filled heavy layers, aluminum or others.

Mebant is able to process the felt materials in 2D die cut shapes and also 3D thermoformed parts like under hood and under engine insulators.