Foam tapes are produced by adhesive coating of various types of open and closed cell foams and they are used for heat, sound, dust,water insulation and mounting purposes.

Mebant produces foam tapes with PE, PU, EPDM, PVC, EVA, NEOPRENE and other foam types. In order to ensure the best performance, the adhesives for these foam tapes are chosen after a careful evaluation of the foam type, application area and working conditions.

Foam tapes can be produced in thicknesses starting from 0,2 mm depending on the foam type. The width can be from 5 mm up to 1000 mm.

All foam tapes can be produced in non adhesive, one side adhesive or double side adhesive versions.

Main application areas of foam tapes are :
  1. Construction-roofing applicaitions,
  2. Gypsum partition walls (acoustic purpose),
  3. Electric cabinets (seal),
  4. Automotive industry (seal, anti-vibraiton and mounting purposes),
  5. HVAC applications

Besides the experience in foam tapes, Mebant is also specialised in the supply of double sided tapes, filmic tapes, single sided tapes, surface protection and masking tapes.

Mebant has the possibility to convert jumbo rolls of tapes into smaller rolls, slitted rolls in any width and also die cut shapes according to different customer requirements.