Mebant manufactures a variety of NVH products for Automotive interiors and exteriors by different welding processes that can be applied on foams, felts, films and combination of these materials.

For the interior applications, Mebant manufactures various sound insulations felts which are processed with welded edges. This application is made by ultrasonic welding of felt materials on specific parts of the products.

For the exterior applications like wheelhouse fenders, the insulation products often need to be sealied with a film layer in order to avoid water contact of the insulation materials. For such applications, Mebant is able to offer High Frequency Welded or Heat welded parts that protect the main insulation material from getting wet.

Although Mebant is able to offer all these processes, thanks to the new tehchnologies, it is also possible to offer high tech felt products, designed especially for exterior applications. These felt types have hydrophobic fibers and they can be used in exterior applications without any protective covers.