In 2013, Mebant has invested in EPP moulding process in order to complete the range of insulation products for the Automotive and other industries.

EPP is a very good impact absorbtion material, having many other superior properties like low density and low weight, very good heat insulation, chemical resistance, durability, recyclability, which enables it to be used for many different applications in Automotive, HVAC, sports and packaging industries.

In automotive applications, typical products are front,- rear bumper paddings, door panel and knee protection absorber pads, tool boxes, automobile seats, headrests etc.

In HVAC industry, EPP is used mainly for heat insulating property and the typical application is HVAC housings.

For the packaging industry, EPP can be used for many protective packagings, including the returnable dunnages for transport of bulky automobile parts like top rails, sunroofs, glasses, metal alloy wheels, etc.

EPP is also used for many sports applications, mainly for body and head impact protection. Typical products are leg, back protectors and helmets.