The new range in Mebant’s industrial insulation products is the backwall insulation for refrigeration indusry.

In the recent years, refrigerator manufacturers prefer to use flexible materials in the back of refrigerators instead of metal sheets.

The conventional soulution of extruded PP sheets are nowadays being replaced by composite materials made of almunium-carton-PE laminates and Mebant is one of the major converter of refrigerator backwalls in Turkey. Besides the domestic market, backwalls are also exported to Europe and Russia.

Mebant has 3 backwall production lines capable of cutting parts up to 2700 mm lenght, with cutting speeds down to 3 seconds/part.

The backwalls can be supplied in either plain die cut parts or as semi-assemblies with other parts mounted on them, making them ready to assemble directly on the refrigerator.