MEBANT is ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 and Ford Q1 certified, as well as holding many awards given for excellence in quality, safety and sustainability in the industry since 1985.

For 30 years, MEBANT has been the pinnacle of success when it comes to foam conversion and adhesive taps production.

From the selection of best suited raw materials to storage, from design and engineering to production, from quality control to shipment , MEBANT is your most trusted partner in the industry in all aspects.



Our Quality Policy as Mebant is to provide our customers with the desired quality conditions in a timely and most economical way without sacrificing quality.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers' wishes and expectations, to fulfill these expectations and to always satisfy our customers.

Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and product quality, to increase production capacity and to reduce costs, to follow technological innovations, to train employees in this direction and to be an example in the field of activity.



Our Environmental Management System;

It consists of shaping the sponges for insulation purposes with proper production processes and dispatching them to our customers in different sectors with our own vehicles.

All Activities;
* To comply with environmental legislation and obligations,
* To avoid pollution at the source, taking into account environmental impacts,
* Reduce the consumption of natural resources by efficiently using the inputs used,
* Reducing environmentally hazardous waste,
* Take measures to ensure the recovery of waste,
* Improve environmental performance by continuous monitoring of,
* Government agencies, environmental organizations, and cooperating with our customers,


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